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7 Popular Ghanaian Drinks You Need To Try

There are alot of Ghanaian drinks that are made locally here in Ghana.Below we look at some of the most popular Ghanaian drinks you should try.

1) Ice Kenkey

Kenkey mixed with water in right proportion is blended into a smooth paste.Sugar and salt is added for taste.Milk can also be added,some people take it with roasted groundnut.

2) Burkina Burkina

Prominent in the Northern part of Ghana and originated from Burkina Faso,it is made with acient grain millet,milk,salt and sugar.It is mostly taken chilled.

3) Sobolo

Made from dried bissap flowers mixed with sugar and ginger juice as main ingredients.Bissap nicknamed Sobolo is a popular Ghanaian refreshing drink.It is also medicinal and helps improve your health.

4) Akpeteshie

Akpeteshie is not advertised,and it is not recommended for pregnant women and people below the age of eighteen.It is a popular local alcoholic spirit brewed in Ghana, using local means of distilling sugar cane juice or palm wine.

5) Palm Wine

It is tapped from a fully grown palm tree and the process is enhanced by heat application.The longer the days the sap is stored,the higher the alcholic content.Palm wine is mostly sold fresh.

6) Pito

Pito is a traditional beer that is made from fermented sorghum or millet locally brewed.It can be severed cold or hot.

7) Lamugin ( Ginger Drink)

It is a chilled ginger drink, which is prepared by blending a mixture of chopped ginger,lemon,soacked cloves and water.The blended mixture is then strained into a jar. Sugar is then added for taste.


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