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Do you love Gob3 {Garri and Beans}? if you don't like eating Gob3 try once and see difference

Many food are in the street of Ghanaian society but commonly you can find the common ones, like what we are about to talk about it Gob3 {Garri and beans}.

Gob3 is a Ghanaian local food, originated from the Ewe's in the Volta Region in Ghana . it has different names by different peoples, some called it Gaabeans, Gari ne 3dua, Red Red and Yoko Garri. is very popular Ghanaian food that consist of boiled beans, palm oil and Garri. they sometimes eaten with fried ripe plantain. this food is regarded in Ghana as hustlers food.

Why am i recommending this food for you? Gob3 is one of the most balance diet food in the world due to it's ingredients in it. let take the ingredients one by one on the role they play in human body.

Boiled Beans

we all know how benefit beans works for humans. Beans are vegetables that are high in Protein, Carbohydrates, Folate, Complex and Iron, which have significant amounts for fiber and soluble fiber that helps the body to lower blood cholesterol and also reduce disease risk factors like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, obesity and overweight and many more.


Garri is a powdery food flour made from the tuberous roots of a cassava plant. Garri is commonly in West Africa. Garri is very rich in fiber, copper, and magnesium. due to it's riches it helps the body digestive system, it helps in the absorption toxins that goes through the intestines.

Palm Oil

this oil is squeezed from palm fruit. this palm oil contains fatty acids, Vitamin E, esterified with glycerol, and it also contains especially high concentration of saturated fat. Palm oil helps reducing oxidative stress, boost brain health, slowing heart disease and also improves the skin and hair health.

Ripe Plantain fried friedfried ripe plantain contains high amount of potassium that helps maintaining the cell and body fluids that control the heart rate and blood pressure. and also contain fiber with helps lower cholesterol that makes keep the heart functioning at its best.

Combining this three major ingredient together is been called Gob3. is one of the best balance diet food in the world and is normally take as lunch. I recommend this food for everyone excluding those who are allergic to the above ingredients.

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