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Always Add This To Okro Stew For An Amazing Taste

The health benefits of okro cannot be over emphasized. Okro Is built in a way such that it is very slimy and hence very good as a compliment to swallow foods like banku, fufuo and eba.

Okro stew or soups are cooked in almost every home in Ghana especially in the northern regions and volta regions. 

When cooking okro stew, one secret lingers and you need to be told today. 

Add kobi or stinking fish to the oil first.

Using the salted fish as the base of the okro stew ensures that the taste of the meal to be prepared gets a very good foundation to stand on.

It is common knowledge that some people do not like salted fish or stinking fish but they cannot argue the fact that the culture and original way of preparing the okro stew is preserved. 

To some of us cooking okro stew without the base is not cooking it at all. 

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