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Famous Ghanaian foods everybody loves.

It's no secret that as Ghanaians we have some of the most delicious and well known foods around the globe. Internationally, some people even visit just to have a taste of our diverse culture and impeccable cuisines. Here's a list of foods almost every Ghanaian enjoys ;

1.'Anwamoo' which literally translates to oil rice is one of the most simple dishes known in the country. It's rice cooked with oil and sliced onions, normally eaten with grinded pepper and fried eggs.It can be absolutely garnished to your taste,others prefer to add sardines, pear,fish or chopped tomatoes which is completely fine.


Palava sauce or green leaf stew is also pretty popular. It's an assortment of 'kontomire' meat and dried fish all cooked in a stewy fashion in one saucepan. There's no limit to what people eat palava sauce but the most common are rice and ampesi.


Ampesi is another national favorite. It's either yam or plantain that's boiled with a little salt and eaten with the preferred gravy.


Tuo zaafi originates from the northern parts of Ghana, but is eaten almost everywhere in the country. It's gluten free and packed with proteins and nutrients. It's usually eaten as breakfast or lunch for most people.


Hausa koko is porridge that is made from millet and slightly spiced. It's eaten mostly for breakfast or a late brunch snack. It can be eaten with its popular accomplice 'koose' ,bread or regular doughnuts.

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Anwamoo' Ghanaian Ghanaians


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