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NSMQ2020Prelims: Here Are Highlights of Scores Attained by Schools at the end of Round-Ashanti Zone

Ashanti Region: End of round 1: 

Osei Tutu SHS: 24pts

Jachie Pramso SHS: 4pts

Effiduase SHCS: 0pts

#NSMQ2020 #NSMQ2020Prelims #Primetime

Ashanti Region: End of round 2:

Osei Tutu SHS: 32pts

Jachie Pramso SHS: 06pts

Effiduase SHCS: 0pts

Is the game over already? #NSMQ2020 #NSMQ2020Prelims #Primetime

Ashanti Region: Problem of the Day:

Jachie Pramso SHS: 1pt

Effiduase SHCS: 1pt

Osei Tutu SHS: 0pts

#NSMQ2020 #NSMQ2020Prelims #Primetime

Ashanti Region: Scores so far:

Osei Tutu SHS: 32pts

Jachie Pramso SHS: 07pts

Effiduase SHCS: 01pt

#NSMQ2020 #NSMQ2020Prelims #Primetime

Ashanti Region: End of round 4:

Osei Tutu SHS: 45pts

Jachie Pramso SHS: 14pts

Effiduase SHCS: 14pts

The strategic planning paid off! Last round to go! #NSMQ2020 #NSMQ2020Prelims #Primetime

Ashanti Region: End of Contest:

Osei Tutu SHS: 48pts

Effiduase SHCS: 17pts

Jachie Pramso SHS: 14pts

Well done Osei Tutu SHS! #NSMQ2020 #NSMQ2020Prelims #Primetime

Ashanti Region: The terrestrial magnetic field points towards the north pole in the northern hemisphere and towards the south pole in the southern hemisphere. True or False? #NSMQ2020 #NSMQ2020Prelims #Primetime

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