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Grapefruit: Benefits Of Eating This Fruit

Adding grapefruit to your diet may decrease your risk of insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes. One reason for grapefruit’s potential health perks? It contains a compound called naringenin that’s also found in other citrus fruits, it may provide anti-inflammatory benefits, and help protect against developing cardiovascular disease.

This compound may also help prevent kidney cysts. Eating citrus foods like grapefruit may lower a person’s risk for having an ischemic stroke, which happens when a vessel supplying blood to the brain gets a blockage.

To put your grapefruit to use, you can have one as your a.m. meal, but also consider using grapefruit as a compliment to a seafood dish, or even add some wedges to a morning smoothie. One small grapefruit contains over 2 grams (g) of fiber, which is just over 7 percent of your daily value (DV).

And of course, grapefruit shines when it comes to its vitamin C content — one small grapefruit has about 69 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, which is around 77 percent of your DV, making it an excellent source.

Content created and supplied by: barbaraagyeman006 (via Opera News )


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