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Ghana's National Health Care May Be Jeopardized.

Ghana's efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030, as set out by the World Health Organization, may be hampered if the government does not spend effectively in the healthcare sector, according to a health activist.

Leonard Shang-Quartey, the director of Policy and Advocacy at the Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights, a non-governmental organization, told Xinhua that Ghana is currently lagging behind in terms of attaining the worldwide UHC objective.

“The worldwide new deadline for the UHC initiative, which Ghana has registered to, is 2030. But, considering the health expenditures from the state budget over the last years, Ghana is still behind and needs to be invested to close the gap,” he said.

According to Shang-Quartey, if the West African nation is to achieve UHC, the government must employ the country's tax assets as the primary source of funding, along with the Annual Budgeting Fund Allocated from oil reserves and public funding, to invest appropriately in the healthcare sector. “The tax money should be spent on matters that affect Ghanaians' basic survival.”

“All people and families must obtain the health care they require despite incurring financial difficulties,” he said, referring to the UHC aim. It encompasses the complete range of critical, high-quality health services, from prevention through diagnosis, recovery, and hospice care for people of all ages.”

Despite the fact that the COVID-19 outbreak has an influence on global health networks and applications, several countries are actively working toward universal health coverage (UHC) in order to provide uninterrupted healthcare to their population, according to the health activist.

“I believe that nations around the globe are now adopting a universal coverage strategy since they have learned that health care is not an individual obligation, but instead a national one,” Shang-Quartey explained. “That is why people have to pay and participate in the state trust fund; individuals cannot establish hospitals and buy the appropriate tools on their own.

“Several nations use tax dollars to suggest that individuals have access to infrastructure and activities, therefore we urge the Ghanaian funds to subsidize appropriately to protect the civil right to health for all Ghanaians,” said Shang-Quartey.

He was hopeful regarding Ghana's ability to attain UHC provided the country's government invested enough in impact on healthcare facilities.

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