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Heart Attack and Stroke is why you should eat watermelon seeds every week


Eating watermelon seeds and the benefits you can drive from them.

Watermelons are rich in several nutritious minerals but it's seeds are far more rich in expensive minerals than the food itself. You may have developed a habit of spitting them out or removing them from the food whiles you eat it. Today I want to show you that setting the seeds of watermelon aside whiles eating the fruit alone is a cos 90 job, which the Mathematicians usually refers to as zero in their workings. 

The seeds are highly rich in nutritional value worth more than the seeds if consumed together. The seeds are are rich in calories with dense nutrient. What this means is that, if you should roast the seeds of watermelon and chew it as groundnuts or you should eat it along with the fruit you will have great calories which will be an added advantage to your immune system. 

Your heart especially needs maximum amount of calories in order to keep your heart beat normal. Many heart attacks and lungs failures are as a results of low calories in the deceased person. So if you are thinking about not doing any exercise then eating watermelon seeds should be your habit because it is rich in all the calories you will need for a week. 

According to studies, the ounce of watermelon seed kernels carries 158 calories that gives you enough heart and lungs beat. 

Magnesium is one of the important minerals needed to keep your body temperature checked and in order. In a hand full of watermelon seeds, you will get 4grams of magnesium which is five percent value of what your body needs to maintain constant checks. Blood flowing well gives you well balanced body temperature and having enough magnesium makes all your nerves and sense very active to stimuli which makes it hard for blood clothing which can lead to stroke.

The most important component of your air, the oxygen you breadth in is iron. Without it, you will have difficulties in breathing, and that means death calling on you. Eating a hand full of watermelon seeds is 0.29mg of the iron you need in your system. If you are able to have enough amount of iron within you, you are rest assured that breathing heavily will never be your portion. 

Watermelon seeds also contains phytate which decreases the amount of iron you need if they are over dosed. So there is no need in worrying about eating too many watermelon seeds because the Phytate will normalize it in order to prevent overdosing.

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