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I Would've Been A Terrible Doctor So I Had To Runaway From Medical School

The dream of many Ghanaian kids is to become medical doctors in the future, yet, someone got this opportunity and threw it away. The profession has been one of the most coveted professions in the country, however, only a handful of people are allowed to be in that space.

So it came as a great surprise to me when I chanced on the tweet of a young man with the tweeter handle, ElikemV, declaring his decision on his future to the entire world.

According to him, the decision for him to quit medical school was an easier one to make. Although he comes across as a very bright scholar, he boldly accepts that he would've been a horrible doctor.

"Imagine me barely learning anything because I hated the course then passing exams by the skin of my teeth and treating patients with limited knowledge? I’d be a liability and would probably kill someone".- He tweeted.

His tweet attracted a lot of mixed reactions from netizens, with many expressing shocks but at the same time admirations for making such a courageous decision. Below is a screenshot of some of the reactions.

Usually, taking a stance like this in a Ghanaian home will cost you your place in the family. Most parents will never support such decisions from their offspring. Especially, after going through thick and thin to cough up huge sums for your education.

As expected, all that was going through my mind while reading the tweet was: how did Elikem's parents take the news of their son pulling out of medical school? But it seems I was in for a lot of shocks today.

Astonishingly, he has the full backing of his parents and this happens quite rarely. A very grateful Elikem tweeted that: "Special props to my parents for understanding. Paid ridiculous money for private med school, and now that I’ve decided to quit, want me to study outside. My dad didn’t even allow me to consider Ghanaian unis. My parents are just special, I swear".

The short story shared by Elikem is so touching, moreover, with many lessons to be learned. Here are a few of them; Never make a choice that will make you regret it in the possible future: Parents should also learn to embrace the decisions of their children concerning their own futures even if they are as tough as Elikem's.

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