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Check out the health benefits of fufu with green soup, snails and crab.

Fufu and 'kontomire' soup- popularly known as abunuabunu is one of the favourite foods of Ghanaians. The soup is made of cocoyam leaves with other ingredients such as tomatoes, turkey berries, onions, pepper, fish, crab and snails.

Here are some benefits of it.

1. Help boosts the immune system.

Cocoyam leaves contain about 145mg of vitamins which is one of our body’s daily requirements. This helps to boost the immune system effectively.

2. Promotes healthy eyes.

The vegetables such as tomatoes and turkey berries are rich in vitamin A which helps in promoting the health of the eye thereby preventing night blindness.

3. Repairs worn out tissues in the body.

Fish, crab, snails and the cocoyam leaves are all some of the sources of protein which helps in the repairing of worn out tissues in the body. Again it aids in body building.

4. Promotes healthy bones and teeth.

Calcium is vital for healthy bones and teeth. This food contains calcium from the fish, crabs, snails and the kontomire too.

If you have never had a look or never tasted this food before, this is a picture of it.

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