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When Last Did You Clean Under Your Bed

Too much dust under your bed may be the cause of that allergy in your family.

No matter how neat you are as homemakers, if you don’t take care of the little foxes that spoil the vine, you and your family may end up being regular visitors to hospitals.

If your husband is not in hospital today for allergy case, it may be your children tomorrow.

If unfortunately, you have medical personnel that give treatment for malaria and typhoid at every little complaint, your family may end up facing life-threatening diseases caused by wrong treatment or handling.

Just as people don’t invest in their mattress where they spend more than 1/3 of their life in, and they begin to spend a fortune in hospital for chronic back pains, so also is the carefree attitude to the cleaning of under the bed.

After all, nobody is seeing under the bed.

Once the family can manage to dust the sand on the bedsheet, the rest is history.

Everyone can sleep off and wake up, as usual, to rush out for their daily living.

Many homes are guilty of this due to the usual style of spending a fortune to put things in place but lack maintenance. Our attitude as homemakers should change.

Note that whether you clean under your bed once a week or monthly, there is no day you will not find dust under it.

This is because while sweeping or vacuuming the open space in the room, the dust raised goes under the bed and hangs there because hardly will the broom or the vacuum cleaner enter under the bed without removing or lifting the wood.

It is even worse for the bed where the underneath is used for keeping luggage, shoes, foodstuff for some people living in a room apartment. It becomes stressful for them to bring out that luggage and many don’t get to see what they sleep on until they move out of the apartment.

This type of apartment has hiding places for rats, cockroaches and even reptiles.

Cleaning the dust under your bed will not only make you and your family live a healthy life by breathing in the fresh air, but it will also save you unnecessary visit to and spending in the hospitals.

The good news is that all the precious earrings, shoes, sunglasses, sleepers and even money you thought you have lost or thought somebody somewhere has stolen may be under your bed.

Why not try this weekend to clean under your bed for that magic.

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