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Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil use in Babies and Children.

Cod liver oils are made from the liver of several species which contains large amounts of Vitamin A, D and Omega 3 fatty acids.To ensure this, their diet can be supplemented if necessary but under guidance only. One supplement that often goes under the scanner is cod liver oil.

So to some of the benefits of this nutrient-densed oil.

Aid in proper brain development:

The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in this oil is beneficial for the development of your child’s brain. It is also seen that if this oil is administered during infancy or the last trimester of pregnancy, it may play an important role in the optimal brain development.

Rickets prevention:

severe dificiencey of vitamin D can lead to soft bones which can lead to skeletal deformities like bow legs and thick wrists and ankles.

Lowers type 1 diabetes in children:

an auto immune disease that occurs in children but it's exact cause not known.But giving cod liver oil to children have been researched to lower it's risks in children.

Helps with incessant cough:

Cod liver oil is high in vitamins A and D, which help the mucus membranes to be less hyper-sensitive, and which also reduce inflammation." Someone with a chronic cough can also benefit from eliminating certain mucus- and phlegm-producing foods from their diet

Preventing Infections:

since cod liver oil is an immune booster giving it children could mean fewer bouts of cold and flu for your child.

Normal heart function:

Omega -3 fatty acids in cod liver oil can raise good HDL which is associated with lower risk or heart disease.

Helps hair growth:

liver oil stimulates hair follicles boosting hair growth and slowing down hair lost and it also helps keep hair very shiny.

For radiant skin.:

vitamin A&D and Omega-3 acids which are found in Cod liver oil gives protection to skin of babies and children, giving the skin very shiny and plumber looks.

Protection of the Eyesight:

Because cod liver contains Vitamins A and D, which are essential for maintaining healthy eyesight and preserving normal vision.

Treats stomach ulcers:When taken in appropriate dosages, cod liver oil could aid in the healing of gut and stomach ulcers in kids.

Now that you know the benefits the tricky parts is how to give it children since fish oil is not something children favour.


Try cod liver oil supplements, which are available in the form of chewable tablets.

Try the flavored brands of fermented cod liver oil, where the flavor masks the fishy smell and taste.

Add it to their favorite foods or smoothies, or acidic juices made of lemon or grapefruit

Blend it with honey or sugar syrup.

Until recently, all parents have been advised to give cod liver oil to their infants. Now, cod liver oil is no longer recommended during the first year of life, but breastfed infants still need vitamin D supplements.In infants who are breastfed, cod liver oil leads to an unnecessarily high intake of DHA, but insufficient vitamin D for the youngest infants.

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