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Check 15 health benefits of Kontomire (cocoyam leaves), you should start eating for good health.

Cocoyam is a root food that boost of many benefits for a healthy living. Cocoyam ( colocasia esculenta ) is a starchy edible tuber. It bears broad greenish leaves. It grows in several places around the world.

We usually consume the roots tubers or it's leaves. It's locally called Kontomire. Both the cocoyam roots and the cocoyam leaves have many health benefits for the body.

Now let us dive into the remarkable benefits of Kontomire.

1. Boost immune system

One cup of the cocoyam leaves contains about 145mg of vitamin. That is about 86% of our body's daily requirement.

This will help boost your immune system effectively to fight against many diseases.

2. Healthy eyes.

Cocoyam leaves are rich in vitamin A in addition to vitamin C. The amount of vitamin A can be as high as 123% of our daily requirement.

It is very good for the eyes to stay healthy and maintain visual acuity. It also prevent the eyes diseases such as myopia, cataract and blindness.

3. Cholesterol level reduction.

Cocoyam leaves have no cholesterol and only 1% of total fat. So, is the best diet for reducing cholesterol.

The dietary fibre and methionine in the cocoyam leaves contain can reduce the cholesterol effectively. They bind and break down fat and cholesterol especially triglyceride.

4. Help in weight loss.

Cocoyam leaves ( Kontomire ) are low in fat and high in protein. It is, therefore the best diet to reduce your fat and get your muscle mass.

5. Reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is when part of your body becomes hot, swollen and or reddened when there is an injury or infection. It is often painful.

Cocoyam leaves contain Omega 3. This plays a role in the inflammation process. It also can inhibit the release of inflammatory substances. It can help to treat diseases like arthritis, gastritis or lupus.

6. Protect the nervous system.

Are you feeling the symptoms of tingling, numbness or pain in your limb? Then practice to eat Kontomire ( cocoyam leaves ) to reduce those symptoms.

The vitamin B complex including thiamine. Riboflavine, niacin and vitamin B6 in cocoyam leaves protect the nervous system. They also boost the immune system.

7. Control the blood pressure.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid. It helps produce hormone to control the contraction and relaxation of arteries wall. If this mechanism is going well, the blood pressure can be kept at a normal level.

8. Healthy bone.

Cocoyam leaves also contain calcium. Calcium is good for the formation and maintenance of healthy bone. It works with phosphorus to strengthen the bone and teeth.

9. Fetal brain and nervous system development.

Besides it rich in nutrients content, the leaves also contain folate. Folate is essential for the development of your fetal brain and nervous system.

It is, therefore good to consume cocoyam leaves when you are pregnant. However, be sure to cook them well before you eat.

10. Prevention of preeclampsia in pregnancy.

Eating cocoyam leaves help to prevent preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, often the kidneys.

The magnesium mineral helps in muscle relaxation. You can also use it to prevent preeclampsia.

11. Reduce wrinkle on the skin.

Cocoyam leaves also contain the amino acid called threonine. The threonine helps in the formation of elastin and collagen.

These are good for healthy skin. They prevent the skin from wrinkle and rejuvenate skin.

12. Quick treatment for diarrhoea.

The zinc in cocoyam leaves protects intestinal mucosa. When you get diarrhoea, the intestine wall loses it's mucosa. Zinc helps to release the mucosa quickly to immediately stop the diarrhoea.

13. A very good energy source.

Cocoyam leaves are one of the best energy sources for the body through it's essential Amino acid called isolencine.

This protein regulates blood sugar and increases muscle strength and energy level. This is the best diet for people who love to work out.

14. Promote bone and skin healing.

Cocoyam leaves contain an essential Amino acid called leucine. It promotes bone and skin healing by releasing the natural painkiller called enkephalins. Also, it relieves the pain.

15. Enhance memory and mood.

Cocoyam leaves release dopamine. Dopamine is a monoamine neurotransmitter found in the brain and essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system.

Dopamine acts in the brain and nervous system. Synthesized by phenylalanine, it enhances your brain memory and controls your mood.

It also increase sperm production, cocoyam leaves contain arginine. Arginine is an amino which helps to increase sperm production.


Do not consume cocoyam leaves ( Kontomire ) in the raw condition. It has a dangerous toxin. Soak them first in the clean water for about 10-15 minutes.

After that, cook them well to remove it's toxic substance. It is usually itchy in the throat if you do not cook it well.

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