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Check the reason why Abortion lead many ladies to early grave.

A BIG RISK in Abortion

Abortion to some ladies is nothing. They say, is it not just to flush it out. Hmmm, may remind you, that thing you are flushing out is a blessed being from God. Any method a lady use to terminate a pregnancy deliberately so that the baby is not born alive is called abortion. It is not only seen among single ladies, it is also seen among married women.

Reasons for abortion:

Premarital sex: where the guy is not ready to accept the pregnancy and the next option for the lady is to abort the baby. Married women who think their career is more important to them to child bearing at that moment. Lack and inadequate quality of sexual education in the schools. Consequences of abortion are numerous and I believe no lady will like to suffer that: It has a very bad implications on the future reproductive life of a lady. A situation where the lady will find it difficult or never conceive at all in the future.It exposes you to bacteria infections.It leads to many complications like: heart failure, bleeding, breast cancer, damage organ, difficult in breathing and many more.Feeling of guilt, regret and depression.Abortion can lead to mental problem.Always having flashbacks of the abortion. It causes relationship problem.Abortion has lead many ladies to early grave.

Spiritual consequences. 

You will loss your peace with God.Thank God there are ways out of abortion, which are: Flee from sexual Immorality.The scripture says in, 1st Corinthians 6: 18 (NIV.)

Foree from sexual Immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body. A young child as early as 8years needs to hear about sex education in school. Discuss and agree together with your partner on child bearing. To avoid abortion. In case you have committed abortion in the past, go to God in sincerity and ask Him for forgiveness and never go back to it. Desire to remain pure till marriage and God will help you.

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