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Checkout 5 funny quotes and WhatsApp stickers that will make you laugh until you cry

Are you having a bad day or problems in your family? Have you quarrel or have argument with your partner, friend or Children? Well you shouldn't be sad all the time because according to researchers happiness or laughter brings so many health benefits to your body.

According to Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan at the Loma Linda University in California, USA found amazing results from laughter regarding health related issues. According to them "laughter reduce blood pressure, reduce stress hormones levels, help to boost your immune system and produce a general sense of well-being." That is why you have to read and view these funny quotes and funny WhatsApp stickers to help you overcome you stress or sad feelings.

Below are some of the funny quotes

1.You smoke weed and you take some coke. Few minutes after, you hear ‘chooboi chooboi’ in your head. It’s a set up. The moment you answer, “Yei”!, you are mad." Mugabe

2. “At the age of 18 years you are using Gennicure 4 4 2 and La Vet to make it tight, my sister at the age of 25, I think you would have to use safety pins and super glue."- Meek Tyler.

3. “The only public place Ghanaian ladies can be romantic is around the ATM machine." Mugabe

4. “If you are a lady and you don’t respect men, you will end up serving jollof at your younger sister’s wedding."- Mugabe

5. “Any man who successfully convinces a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana is capable of selling a condom to a Roman father."- Mugabe

I hope you liked it. Now here are the funny pictures:


2. Carry your problem and go



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