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The Youth And Even Children Are Now Engaged In The Dangerous Habit Of Smoking Shisha For Fun.

Shisha smoking is a habit that habit that is gradually gaining grounds in Ghana. This trend is persisting, despite the directive by the Foods and Drugs Authority (FDA) that Shisha smoking is illegal in Ghana.

Shisha smoking originates from the Middle East and certain parts of Asia, but it has now become popular in many parts of Europe. It is mostly the youth who are pushing this trend.

Shisha usually contains tobacco which is often flavored with mixed fruit or molasses sugar. The tobacco in shisha is the same as the tobacco in shisha. It therefore contains nicotine and the other dangerous chemicals that made cigarettes to be classified as dangerous to the health of smokers and bystanders.

We are very lucky that cigarette smoking seems to have gone out of fashion in Ghana. It is now quite rare to see someone smoking openly as it used to be in past times. Current trends in Ghana regarding the adoption of shisha smoking by the youth is very unfortunate and very dangerous.

Shisha contains nicotine, which is the main addictive substance in cigarette. One can therefore be addicted to shisha just as one can easily get addicted to cigarettes.

In actual fact, shisha smoking is more dangerous than cigarette smoking. This is because a World health Organisation (WHO) study suggested that a one hour session of shisha smoking can be the same as smoking 100 sticks of cigarette.

The unfortunate aspect of this dangerous trend of shisha smoking in Ghana is the fact that it is the females, who were not known to be smokers, who are seem to be spearheading this very dangerous trend. Even children have adopted this dangerous habit. It is not unusual to see shisha stands at parties and get-togethers of teenagers and even children. This is very pathetic.

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