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The Risks Associated With Drinking Cold Water

As humans, water is essential for our survival and to live long. Sometimes water can be used in place of food when needed, in other to keep the body going. Water in it's natural state is warm and sometimes hot due to weather changes. But modern technology has brought our freezer's and refrigerator's to make our water cool and chilled.

The lager number of people in the world today, will prefer to drink cold water instead of the warm one. Especially in hot temperature's, after exercising and when the body's temperature rises. Cold water does not necessarily pose too much of any danger to the body. Though nothing good comes without disadvantages, that is negative effects.

It will be wise to consider these risks which come alongside drinking cold, in other to be well informed. People with medical problems are mostly to be affected by these risks.

Nasal mucus thickening


Gastric motility

Tooth sensitivity

Immune system weakening

Problems during heat exhaustion

Shocks the body

Achalasia. That is passing food through the oesophagus to the stomach.

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