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How to Prevent Hot Tea Side Effects

Have you heard anyone say any bad thing about tea? Taking breakfast early in the morning is a luxury in Ghana. Tea breakfast is an important meal for healthy growth. But How do you like your tea, Hot, warm or cold?

Have you wondered how hot your tea can be harmful? Well, it turns out that the temperature of hot tea could cause problems besides a burned tongue.

A new study published in the international journal of cancer found that people who drink steaming hot tea could be at a higher risk for oesophagal cancer. Previous studies have liked hot beverages with oesophagal cancer but up till this point have not pointed to a specific temperature.

The researchers of this new study found that people who drank two cups of tea or more at a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher had a 90% increased risk of oesophagal cancer compared to those who drank fewer cups and cooled tea.

We're not jumping off the tea train anytime soon, but we are taking a few minutes before that first sip. Thus drink it warm NOT HOT.

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