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Put Your Feet In Water Mixed With Salt For 30 Minutes And Get These Benefit Results

Epsom salt is a compound of magnesium sulfate, in contrast to sodium table salt. Epsom salt has been used as a medicine and pain reliever for hundreds of years. Today it is most often added to hot tubs and foot baths to relieve stress.

The magnesium in Epsom salt is only slightly absorbed through the skin and so far there is no scientific evidence that it actually increases magnesium levels in the body. However, Epsom salt can reduce pain associated with inflammation, which can be beneficial for foot health.

Proponents claim that not only does Epsom salt relieve pain symptoms and speed healing, but it can also be dissolved in warm water to relieve gout pain, eliminate bad odors, and treat infections. More research is needed to support this claim.


To use Epsom salts when soaking your feet, follow these steps:

Fill the pool or spa with warm enough water to cover your ankles.

Add half a cup or three quarters cup of Epsom salt to the water.

Place your feet in the tub for about 20 to 30 minutes.

After soaking, dry your feet thoroughly, then wet your feet.

Soaking your feet in Epsom salt can dry out your feet, so it's best not to do this every night. Try soaking your feet once or twice a week to make sure they don't dry out.


1 Reduce odor

Any type of foot bath can help reduce odors and clean your feet. Keeping your feet clean and bacteria free is good for your overall foot health.

2 relieve inflammation

While some proponents claim that soaking your feet in Epsom salt removes toxins from your body, there is no convincing evidence to support it. However, absorption of magnesium through the skin can increase mineral levels in the body and reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation can relieve pain and stiffness associated with conditions such as arthritis and gout.

3 peel the skin

The crystallized structure of Epsom salt ensures exfoliation of dead skin on the feet. Soaking your feet can help reduce roughness and soften your feet

4 reduce the symptoms of athlete's foot

According to the Epsom Salt Council, Epsom salt does not kill the fungus that causes athlete's foot. However, it can help attract moisture, making the environment less attractive to mold.

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