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Who is more muscular, Ronnie Coleman or Arnold Shwarznegger?

Ronnie Coleman is known to have won over 8 championships in the Mr. Olympia. He is one of the biggest body builders with extra huge muscles that the world has ever had or seen.

Ronnie currently had health issues that suggested that he retires from body building since extra workouts could leas to an increase in the sickness he is battling with.

Ronnie is currently sufferjng from stroke which doctors claim it was due to the excessive body building he had been doing his entire life.

Arnold Shwarznegger who is the star and main character in one the all time movies "The Termintor" won the Mr. Olympia and other body building competitions for a several occasions.

Ronnie Coleman disclosed that Arnold Shwarznegger is the biggest and should be the most respected and honoured when it comes to body building. From him, he claimed that Arnold Schwarznegger's chest size is the biggest to have ever hit the screens and that Arnold would have been much bigger than we have seen him if he had the modern technologies in bodybuilding available in our time.

This was a touching moment when Ronnie honored the legendary Arnold Schwarznegger.

Who do you think has the biggest muscles when it comes to body building?

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