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Blend Bitter Kola And Alligator Pepper Seed, Drink Twice Daily And Enjoy These Health Benefits.

OK I'll be uncovering an otherworldly medication on s3xual wellbeing and for the overall prosperity of the body. I encourage you to peruse this post as far as possible as you won't lament doing such. 

Bitter kola and alligator pepper seed are known for the huge loads of medical advantages they have. Eating bitter kola before s3x helps s3xual execution. 

Bitter kola along with alligator pepper seed have been appeared to improve fertility in people. It supports your charisma and generally s3xual execution and it is suggested for men with poor s3xual execution. 

The mix treatment of both medication is clarified underneath: 

1. Ground bitter kola and alligator pepper seed taken with water twice every day have been appeared to battle explicitly sent illnesses by displaying antibacterial consequences for E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus (causative specialist of staphylococcus disease), Salmonella typhi (causative operator of typhoid fever). 

2. Ground bitter kola and alligator pepper seed support the insusceptible framework because of the presence of cell reinforcement nutrients (nutrient C and nutrient E) and have been appeared to decrease free extremists in the body, secure against unfamiliar bodies and battle microscopic organisms disease. 

3. Bitter kola taken alone have been demonstrated to be an extraordinary solution for osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint illness which causes swollen joint, debilitated adaptability and joint solidness. 

Bitter kola and Alligator pepper seed are viable in treating: 


Jungle fever 





Stomach fat 

Cardiovascular wellbeing 

Low sp3rm check 

Acid reflux 

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