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This is how to cure any of these diseases in just some few hours


Hi everybody, so today I will encourage you on the best way to treat some medical problems by bubbling guava leaf and pineapple strip.

Not surprisingly ,let me give you a little understanding about what they contain.

Guava leaf

Guava leaf is uncommonly plentiful in nutrient C, lycopene and cancer prevention agents that are useful for skin. The potassium in it standardizes pulse levels. Since it contains about 80% of water and wealthy in filaments.. The leaves are a force to be reckoned with of cell reinforcements like nutrient C, and flavonoids, for example, quercetin.

pineapple leaves

Pineapple strips contain restorative properties, which has various helpful impact to o body.

It contains fiber nutrient B, C, thiamin, folate, pantothenic corrosive, bromelain and niacin. It additionally has minerals including calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium , iron, and different supplements. It likewise contains antibacterial, mitigating, against maturing, and anticancer properties as well.

Gives move to the systems access setting up these blend.

1. Get guava leaves and wash them to eliminate soils

2. Get your pineapple strip and put both the guava leaves and pineapple strip in a pot.

3. Pour a liter of water and bubble for 15mins. Pour in a compartment and store in an ice chest

Its encouraged to take once day by day.

Lets examine about the medical problems it can treat

1. A Cancer Fighter

In addition to being a great scrub, the fruit is known to aid in inhibiting cancer-causing agents and helps in reducing the risk of cancer due to its antioxidant nature. The high levels of Lycopene help to fight harmful free radicals that are the cause for cancer.

2. Healthy Heart

The Feijoa fruit is popular for the benefits it provides to the cardiovascular system. By regulating blood sugar levels and making sure the glycemic index is kept low, the potassium levels in the fruit helps ease the strain on the blood vessels and keeps your heart, arteries, and veins in good form.

3.For Eye’s Health

The pineapple guava has Vitamin A. Vitamin A is vital for keeping our eyes healthy. Just like carrots, the Feijoa fruit can improve eyesight and help restore the eyes from damage caused by eyesight degradation such as in the case of cataract or weakening of muscles in and around the eyes.

4. It can help treat the runs

5. It oversees diabetes

6. It recuperates cold and hack

7. It helps lessens skin break out

8. It brings down cholesterol

9. It helps support resistant framework

10. It helps forestalls going bald

11. It soothes asthma

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