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Easy morning ritual, that can help you feel energized and active through out the day.

list of healthy foods that you can eat in the morning before breakfast.

1. Honey with Warm Water.

This combination is known to improve digestion and immunity. Helps to boost metabolism when you have it early in the morning.

Unlike other drinks for weight loss, the honey, lemon and water mix has very few calories. Moreover, honey helps in boosting your energy levels also helps to eradicate toxin substances from the body.

2. Papaya

To clean your stomach and to have free bowel movement take in papaya early in the morning on empty stomach. Avoid eating anything after having papaya for an hour. Papaya have also been known to lower cholesterol that can lead to heart disease.

3. Watermelon.

This fruit should only be eaten on an empty stomach. The best time to have watermelon is early morning. Watermelon is low in calories and full of electrolytes. Itt nourishes, light and hydrating and makes for a great start early in the morning.

4. Dates.

Dates are great source of instant energy that is much needed to the day.

Dates contain a bunch of soluble fibers which are essential for good digestive health, because it draws water into the digestive tract.

And also helps relieve constipation,the potassium found in dates can also treat upset stomachs and diarrhea.

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