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Video of a woman massaging a newly born baby like a wrestling fight goes viral

Hello Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a brand new day thank God for the gift of life and thank you for clicking on my article I appreciate your time and today's topic is about the woman in the photo massaging a newly born baby like a wrestling fight which has caused an enormous stir online.

Nowadays Ghanaian mothers are becoming on becoming they are often advised by many health organisations in Ghana of how to message a newly born child in such a way the child will not have an effect and there is even some health tip on their weighing cards.

But this woman’s doesn’t even know what is going on she was massaging a newly born child like wrestling fight which can cause breakage of bones in the child body and you know children’s bones are not strong enough because they are yet developing.

Thanks for reading my article may God richly bless you don't forget to perform the covid protocols stay safe and mask up.

Watch the video through this link.

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