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A Machine That Kills Human Beings In 16 Seconds Finally Discovered (Photos)

Source: BBC, CNN, The Guardian, USpost

Should any rational person be given the right to die?

Australian euthanasia activist Philip Nitschke wants to revolutionize the way we die.

Sarco is a suicide chamber: a coffin-size pod you get into in order to painlessly and peacefully kill yourself on purpose.

The Sarco will sit on a generator that uses liquid nitrogen that, when released, will bring down the level of oxygen in the capsule to induce hypoxia. The brain relies on oxygen to function. When put in environments with low levels of oxygen, the body slowly begins to shut down, resulting in confusion, increased heart rate, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, sweating, and wheezing.

In the Sarco, however, Nitschke says death will have “style and elegance” within one minute, the user loses consciousness. Death shortly follows.

To activate the process, a person simply steps inside, lies down and, when ready, presses a button. 

According to Nitschke, the 3-D printing plans will be on the market next year for anyone to download. But those who want to activate it will first have to take an online test in order to determine whether or not they were of sound mind to make the decision to die.

Does anyone over 50 deserve the right to die on their own terms? If a person makes the decision to commit suicide, is this a better method than others, especially if other methods can traumatize bystanders and rescue workers?

Death could be as easy, quick, and painless as simply pressing a button. At least, that’s what the creator of the world’s first 3D-printed “suicide machine” intends for the future.

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