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How long Does it take for HIV to appear on your blood test. Read More for more education.

People often wonder how long it takes for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus to appear on blood test after one has been exposed to the virus. The Truth is that, it depend on the type of blood test used to test your blood for HIV.

HIV test can not detect an HIV infection immediately after infection. Please note that different type of HIV test have different window period. The following are type of HIV test and their window period, please pay attention so that you can understand the difference.

Antigen test: This type of test is conducted on the laboratory. In this test the blood is taken directly from the vein and it's usually detect an HIV infection from about 18 to 45 days often been exposed to the virus. If the a finger print used to take blood from the finger for HIV testing, it takes 18 to 90 days to detect HIV after exposure. A finger print takes longer.

Nucleic acid test: the nucleic acid test usually takes about 10 to 33 days to tell you if you're HIV positive after exposure. This test type detect HIV Sooner and can also tell how much virus is presents on the body. This is called the viral load test. The problem is that, this test is very expensive and it is usually used on people who present early symptoms of HIV.

Antibody test: This test type usually takes about 23 to 90 days to detect an HIV infection. This type of test includes rapid test and test. It takes longer than test done on laboratories usually blood taken from a vein. If blood is taken to the laboratory, HIV infection can be detected sooner than test done using finger print and oral fluid test. Now you know why most doctors and nurses encourage people to get tested more often.

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