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Why COVID-19 Vaccine Is Integral To Bringing Evrything Back To Normal

 As the novel coronavirus, COVID-19 continues to have catastrophic effects in the world, the scramble for vaccines has predominantly been the subject of countries around the world. According to Wikipedia "Coronavirus Disease, 2019(COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov 2)". Coronavirus which has led to the death of over 2 million people and has been labeled a global pandemic since December 2019 and hence vaccine development has been the top priority of governments all over the globe since the virus broke out at Wuhan Province of China. However, after the development of the vaccine, some people still weigh the benefit of taking the vaccine to the perils associated with taking the vaccine. It is in this regard that this article sheds light on three necessary reasons why the COVID-19 vaccine should be taken by all. 

     First and foremost, the COVID-19 helps to keep ourselves, friends and families and relatives safe from contracting the virus and dying from it. According to studies, the COVID-19 vaccine significantly reduces the chance of contracting the novel coronavirus and dying from it when one has taken it. Due to the fact that, it was properly evaluated in clinical trials before been approved for use. With vigorous testing been done, the COVID -19 has clinically been noted to be effective in reducing the death toll of the virus by safeguarding people from getting the virus and preventing people who already have the virus from getting critically ill and dying. The COVID-19 vaccine has been branded risky, but this is not the case, since the vaccine benefits greatly outweigh the mild potential side effects and inconveniences that are associated with taking the dose. This is because, governments all over the world have massively invested in the development of the vaccine with all hands on deck from private laboratories, who all have one intention in mind; ending the pandemic at all cost and bring everything back to normal. However, it was noted that, people with severe allergic reactions to anaphylaxis and ingredients of the vaccine should not take it unless otherwise advised by medical professionals.

     Moreover, scientific research employed in the development of the vaccine even though it was rapid has undergone thorough testing which supports the vaccine to perform exceedingly well. According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), the effectiveness of the vaccine is 95%. One may ask why not 100% effective. But this is unrealistic since no vaccine ever created has been 100% effective, likewise, diseases including malaria will have been eradicated with just a single vaccine . Moreover as noted in my introduction above, COVID-19 has killed over 2 million people with over 118 million people already contracting the virus globally and hence without a vaccine, we will all eventually be affected. Additionally, no serious side effects or death has been recorded even though thousands have received the COVID-19 vaccine in Ghana so far compared to the people that have already died from it thus it is safe with the vaccine than it was without it.

      Finally, COVID - 19 vaccine is an integral part of putting a stop to the pandemic and bringing everything to normalcy. Stopping a pandemic coerces us into using all the tools we have in our arsenal. Wearing nose masks and practising social distancing helps lower our chances of getting exposed to the virus and spreading it to our friends and family, but these restrictions are not enough to put a stop to the pandemic rather the virus will continue to circulate. Vaccines function within our immune system, so they will be inclined to combat the virus if we are exposed to it. The formula of getting vaccinated and following all government COVID-19 protocols are great propositions to preserve ourselves and others from COVID-19. Eliminating the COVID-19 pandemic will curtail the growing negative effect the virus is having on our education systems, the economy, health care, social life and countless other activities of a functioning world. This is the best way to put an end to the pandemic. Once that is accomplished, we can have our traditional way of society again. We can take satisfaction in our daily lives, family occasions, work and school without social distancing, without masks and without fear of contracting the virus. We will once again enjoy periodic shopping outings, dining out with friends and going on family vacations without endless concern about the outcomes. We can all have actual holiday activities rather than virtual ones. It’s incredibly simple and it all requires taking the vaccine. 

     To sum up, preventing the COVID-19 virus from affecting ourselves, our family and friends, the thorough testing and time period in which scientists all over the world have dedicated to developing a vaccine to combat the virus and bringing everything to normal by ending the pandemic through taking the vaccine are the necessary reasons for taking the COVID-19 vaccine. With all identified above, you will agree with me that the vaccine is a necessary step in dealing with the contagious virus which has within a year and a half, killed millions of people. 

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