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'Don't End Your Life': 4 Signs Your Body Gives A Month Before Ovarian Cancer

4 Signs Your Body Gives A Month Before Ovarian Cancer

According to Healthline, about 21,000 U.S females get diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer every year from which 14,000 dies from it. Ovarian cancer is a health condition specifically cancer that starts from the Uterus, the female organ responsible for producing eggs called ovaries. It is a serious medical condition that affects about 1 in every 78 women, hence needs critical attention.

The disease is among the types which are very difficult to determine at early stages. At times, it can affect the body without showing signs and before you will realise it, it might have been too late to treat it. Despite the difficulty in detecting it, there are signs which shows during the early stages which you should pay attention to.

Before we get into the symptoms, what causes Ovarian cancer? In fact, the actual cause of the condition is unknown, however, they are a certain group of people who are at greater risk of developing the disease. They include;

All About Ovarian Cancer Facts

Those at Risk Ovarian Cancer

1. People who have family records of cancer.

2. People who have personal records of breast cancer, colon cancer and few others.

3. Those suffering or dealing with Obesity

4. Using fertility drugs

5. People who have no history of pregnancy

Early Signs And Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

Now, let us shift our attention to some of the early signs which can help us detect the condition faster before it becomes late.

1. During the early stages, you may feel pains in your abdomen and also experience abdominal bloating.

2. During the early stages, you may easily feel full and therefore lose appetite.

3. People with the disease develops an increased urge to pass urine or pee.

4. It can cause disorders such as constipation, back pain, fatigue, heartburn, menstrual irregularities just to mention a few.

Please make sure you report signs like the above ones to your doctor for further investigation. Also, establish the habit of going for monthly checkups.

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