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Wahala:- Is it right for a gym instructor to be touching a female body while training?

The kind of things happening in this world now is what you just can't think of. Because if you try thinking of you might run mad.

I guess we all know who a gym instructor is? A gym instructor is also called a personal trainer, let's look at the definition of gym instructor first.

A gym instructor or personal trainer is a person or an individual who has earned a certificate that demonstrates they have achieved a level of competency for creating and delivering safe and effective exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals and groups or those with medical clearance to exercise. 

Gym instructors assist people to help them train well, workout or exercise in order to look for and healthy. Many gym instructors assist people mostly ladies in a type of way that I question whether it is right?

A  lady was riding a stationary bike but was finding difficulties with it, the gym instructor tried helping her by allowing her to sit on his laps so that they can paddle together.

While doing so, he was touching the lady's waist, running her arms molestly. The gym instructor stoll didn't stop but kept on doing that.

The lady seemed nervous but was content with that because she was smiling happily. Some few kids were there and the gym instructor didn't care at all, I don't know whether he realised we were watching him but he made no sign to enquire.

Out of disgust, I stood up and left the place because I couldn't bear seeing such things made in front in kids.

The reason why I couldn't upload the picture is that, this platform (Opera) do well in protecting their readers from certain things they make not like. The picture contains racy or sexual content and is such is not accepted on the platform.

So the question is, is it right for a gym instructor to be touching a female's body while training?

Wahala be this. What is your thoughts on this?

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