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Stop Spending Money On Drugs: I Bring To You The Herb That Cures All Manner Disorder

In this article, I present to you some of the ample benefits of neem leaves. Neem leaves as we all know is a leave that is derived from neem tree which is extensively used in making Ayurvedic medicines because of their antibacterial, inflammatory and antifungal properties.

1.Good For Bones

Neem is rich in calcium and for that matter good for bones. A massage of the neem oil on the body joint reduces inflammation and help relieve arthritic pain.

2.Builds Immunity

The intake of neem leaves help build the immune system chew clean and washed neem leaves daily to keep viral infections bay.

3.Good For Diabetes

A decoction made by boiling neem leaves if consume daily helps regulate blood sugar levels. The study has shown that neem leaf extract and seed oil exerted hypoglycemic effects. It may also assist in preventing the onset of diabetes.

4.Iron Rich

Iron is very essential for blood production and a cup of neem leaves gives about 28.47% of the daily iron requirement.

These are some of the benefits of neem leave that can help in our daily lives.

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