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Nyame Dua; The Most Potent Tree That Cure Malaria And Other Deadly Deseases

God's tree which is also known in plants as Alstonia boonei de wild.This is a very powerful plant which is mostly found in West African regions.It has both physical and spiritual benefits,but I want to talk about it's healing power to cure malaria fever,the most common leading course of death in Africa and other parts of the world.The plasmodium parasite is transmitted into the human body by the anopheles mosquito and in few days generate a lot of discomfort in the body.Due to the breakdown of the immune system by the parasite,most malaria cases becomes so chronic to the point that many even see their situation to be spiritual.Since malaria is less regarded, it has now grown in past few decades to be the third silent killer in Africa.A pregnant woman infected with malaria and not well treated is potentially exposed to losing her life and that of the baby as well.Malaria is however the harbinger of many deseases such as stomach ulcer, chronic headiacs,high blood pressure, reumatism and many more.The cure for this deadly but unregarded desease was better treated by our forefathers effectively and so simple this way with Nyame Dua, also known as Alstonia boonei de wild.

Ingredient: 1, some few quantity of the back of Nyame Dua.

2, One litter of water.

Direction: let the water be in a bawl and add a few quantity of Nyame Dua and keep for seven hours to ferment.Take half cup of the mixture 3 times a day before meal.In less than one hour you will begin to thank God.Note this: when the water is finished add another turn for 3 times before you prepare another mixture.

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