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Avoid taking these 5 foods excessively as a woman, it blocks Menstruation and conceiving a child

Women being the weaker gender are rather the gender who can witness pain for long periods the most, menstruation is the monthly discharge of blood by females due to the break down of the uterus which which inflicts severe pain on them in the form of menstrual cramps.

In order to have a free flow during red periods and also have a clean and clear womb, women are advised to avoid any of the following foods which does not promote sound health and blood circulation.

1.Alcohol in low quantities is very good for the body as reduces blood pressure and also burns your cholesterol and prevents obesity and sugar related diseases such as diabetes.

However taking alcoholic large quantities as a woman is a total bad idea as it as it causes irregular periods by increasing estrogen and testosterone levels which slows down the hormones involved in menstruation, it also burns any semen receive from the male at night preventing you from getting pregnant.

2.Sugar contains a lot of glucose which are totally not good for women especially when taken in very high amount whether in liquids or solids, Excessive sugar intake in women results in egg mutation(foetus formation) and can lead to miscarriages and low amounts of egg production in women.

It is better to replace your tea with green tea and your sweeteners with natural sweeteners such as honey and jam.

3.Energy drinks do not only contain caffeine which narrows blood vessels delaying the discharge of the blood, it also contains sugar and carbonated water which causes white .

4.Red meat also contains too much cholesterol and its not good for women as it decreases the rate of menstruation and delays menstrual cramps.

5.Raw or unpasteurized milk from mammals such as cows and goats are not healthy and contain many diseases which may hinder the health or women and affect them in many ways.

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