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Eat Garlic on an empty stomach and enjoy these health benefits.

Garlic has proven endlessly time again the way in which healthy it is for the human body. Countless scientific studies on garlic have revealed how it further develops heart health and even has chemopreventive effects. The following time you take a crack at cooking, a garlic dish will do wonders for your health - and your friends and family as well!

It's a well established fact that cooking garlic (and other fruits and vegetables) can deactivate the substances in garlic that make it most beneficial to health, so taking raw garlic is the way to go. At the point when you eat garlic on an empty stomach, it can further potentiate its effects since no other food that can interact with it.

Garlic is one of nature's most potent antibiotics, which explains why it has been used since old times as a herbal remedy for fighting pathogenic bacteria. If you take garlic on an empty stomach, the effect is more concentrated.

Other health benefits of garlic:

1. Garlic is an antioxidant

A study revealed that garlic (specifically grew garlic) could stimulate the production of phytochemicals in the body, which advance antioxidant activities. Through this, there is diminished oxidative pressure in the body (because of the lack of free radicals) and decreased risk for chronic diseases of the heart and liver.

2. Garlic can assist with fighting cancer

Another study conducted by Trio, et. al. as population and preclinical investigations recommend that garlic could decrease the risk for various cancers - specifically esophageal, stomach, and prostate cancer. These characteristics can be attributed to garlic organosulfur compounds (OSCs), which become degraded through cooking and processing, further solidifying the concept that the most ideal way to get the health benefits of garlic is to eat it raw.

3. Garlic oil lessens cholesterol and heart damage

An excess of cholesterol in the body can damage the heart, causing a condition called cardiac hypertrophy. Low-density lipoprotein, "bad cholesterol", easily damages the veins and tissues, which can cause inflammation and damage. Hsieh, et. al's. study showed that garlic oil was able to diminish cardiac hypertrophy and cholesterol levels significantly.

4. Garlic can shield you from lung damage and cancer

Two late studies were published on the defensive effects of garlic on the respiratory framework. Jeong, et. al. revealed in 2012 that red garlic extract was able to diminish the damage to the lungs done by cigarette smoke. A study by Jin, et. al. in 2013 revealed results on how raw garlic in particular was able to diminish the risk for cellular breakdown in the lungs.

5 - Garlic can battle the effects of Schistosomiasis

Schistosomiasis affects in excess of 200 million individuals around the world. Its most dangerous effect on the body is the destruction of the liver caused by the deposition of eggs and worms by the parasite. A study in 2011 used garlic extracts on two gatherings, one control and one experimental. The gathering who consumed garlic extracts manifested diminished side effects of the Schistosomiasis infection.

 Special Tip: Crush Garlic For Best Health Effects:

According to the Oregon State University, chopping or crushing garlic (without further ado before eating) causes the release of alliinase - a substance that advances the maximum production and release of beneficial organosulfur compounds.

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