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His Doctors Must Advise Him On This Aspect Of His Health Even As He Grows [Opinion]

Photo: Kennedy Agyapong looking relaxed in parliament.

As Kennedy Agyapong grows, his doctors must advise him about the possiblity of he having issues with his blood pressure owing to the manner in which he talks, and approaches issues.

Photo: Kennedy Agyapong looking apprehensive.

Honourable Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is known for his apprehensiveness in telling the truth and exposing individuals whom he finds to be behaving or acting dubiously to rip the country, especially, of its economic gains.

Photo: Kennedy Agyapong busily exposing unscrupulous individuals.

Much as we would love to see him healthy and strong, whilst he goes on with his style of exposing and criticizing the unscrupulous individuals in our midst, it is equally important that his doctors advise him about the fact that, when one is aggressive, it causes the release of adrenaline in high doses throughout the body.

Photo: Illustration of how adrenaline causes high-blood pressure.

Adrenaline, which is under the control of sympathetic stimulation is responsible for the increase in blood pressure. Moreover, as one ages, the risk of high-blood pressure increases.

Hence, considering the aforesaid, it is imperative that the doctors of Honourable Kennedy Agyapong counsel him to tone down on his aggressive disposition in public; since, if he continues with this style, he will stand the risk of suffering from hypertension.

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