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CNN Is Worse Than What The Whistle Blower Accused Facebook Off- A-Plus

Political activist, kwame Asare Obeing A-Plus has told the most popular media house in the world, CNN that they should stop spreading bad news about covid-19 vaccination ongoing across the world when they made some news known about a certain covid-19 vaccine.

A-Plus told them in the face that they are scaring people across the world on how the media continues to make negative news about covid-19 vaccines while governments are serous educating the masses to vaccinate themselves.

According to A-Plus the media is one of the world's biggest problem and CNN should stop what they're doing because they're worse than what the whistle blower accused Facebook off in his opinion.

This is what CNN posted.

"Do you know that the media is one of the world's biggest problems? Governments and organisations are trying so hard to get people vaccinated but the media's focus is on how to promote booster shots. 

I read a story from Reuters about how some vaccinated people died from Covid-19 only to find out that those people were in their late 80s and 90s and were living in care homes. I'm not suggesting that old people can die. However, that was not a good example! It doesn't help the vaccination drive. CNN keeps telling stories about how vaccine potency wanes off over a short period. The same question goes to you. How does that encourage people to get vaccinated? 

When it comes to putting profits before people, you are worse than what the whistle-blower accused Facebook off in my opinion. I strongly believe that this whole noise about vaccine potency waning off over a short period is a collaborated effort to force boosters shots on the people. Profits before people! Sick world!! 🤧" A-Plus told the famous media house today when they published the news on Facebook.

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