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If This Is My Last Post I Want To Thank God For All, Lady Predicts Her Own Death in Painful Post

A lady left a cryptic post a few hours ago before she passed away from covid-19. Information on social media says the lady recently made her last post in pain beging medical doctors for oxygen as her oxygen was almost finished. 

She said this might be my last post. She said she has seen people die right before her eyes. One or two people have died because they don't have oxygen. The young lady who died from covid-19 made a post begging for oxygen as her current oxygen was at 52.

Just after some hours after she made her last post, she died from covid-19 complications. It's unfortunate she died this way. She made a post begging for oxygen. May her soul rest in peace. This is a sad story.

Please note covid-19 has no cure everyone should adhere to covid-19 protocols and stay safe.

People reacted heavily blaming gov for not providing oxgen.Please write rest in peace for her.

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