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The Dangers Of Eating Canned Foods You Probably Didn’t Know About. (READ)

About 90% of foods produced throughout the world are put in cans. Many of us eat canned foods without knowing what is used in preserving the food in the can.

A chemical called Bisphenol A( BPA), is a chemical that most of the producers of canned foods put in the canned to help preserve it till it expires.

This chemical isn’t good for our health. This is it causes the body a whole lot of problem. It can cause reproductive immunity and neurological problems as well as child asthma , metabolic diseases and cardiovascular disease. It again interferes with secretion and elimination of natural hormones.

Pregnant women especially should avoid taking in canned foods because it could bring a lot of problems to their unborn children.

Many children all over the world are sometimes born with certain deformities because of some canned foods their mother ate when they had them in their tummies. So they must try as much as possible to avoid these canned foods when pregnant.

The government must also try and put some strict measures with regards to the number of canned product that is imported into the country., to curb some of these problems.

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