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Grind 5 Alligator Pepper And 2 Bitter Kola, Mix With Water Obtained From Bitter Leaf To Treat These.

Hi everybody, kindly remember to impart to your companions and furthermore like these article. Continuously recall ithat what I give you is real and viable, a great many people will doubth it and later,after applying it will shout "it works oo".

I will be disclosing to you how to smash crocodile pepper and unpleasant kola blending it in with water removed from harsh leaf ( severe leaf water) to treat these Diseases and contaminations.

Things required

5 Alligatorpepper

2 bitter kola

Bitter leaf water separate

system to make it

Get 5 Alligator pepper and 2 bitter kola.

Wash the bitter leaf and take the water extricated from it,we just need the water.

mix the gator pepper and bitter kola useusing the bitter leaf water separate ( some bitter leaf water).

Fill a jug holder and store in the ice chest.

Illnesses and diseases that can be dealt with utilizing these juice.

It fixes asthma

it fixes looseness of the bowels

it fixes gonorrhea

it fixes arthiarthritis

it fixes intestinal sickness

it fixes bodyache

it is a sperm promoter

It recuperates regurgitating

it support invulnerable framework

it recuperates influenza or regular virus

it recuperates baby blues dying

it forestalls and treat malignant growth

it mends period cramp

it consumes midsection fat

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Alligator Alligator Pepper Bitter Kola


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