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Research shows laughter brightens the skin

1: Everything is getting back to normal. Economy is growing, borders are opening, Man United is winning and Liverpool is losing.

2: Do not give up. You will also have a car and a house one day. Look at yourself now, you have a face mask. Something you never dreamt of.

3: If you understand why pizza is made round but comes in a square box and is eaten in triangular pieces.. Then you my friend you understand mathematics.

4: No matter how thirsty you are there are some people you shouldn't beg for water. They Will tell the whole world they gave you Champagne.

5: If someone is charging you to teach you how to make millions. You are the lesson. Pay attention.

6: I left my phone at home, my grandmother was at home too.

When I came back I saw 30 missed calls from my grandma, and I asked her why was she calling me?

She said she wanted to tell me that I left my phone at home. 

7: I tell you money can change your height, even if you are short, they will still invite you to the high table.

If you experience, you know. 

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