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Cancer Can Be Deadly; 10 Early Cancer Signs You Never Have To Ignore If You Want To Live Long Life

As humans, we are all not the same, of course, not all fingers are equal. We all have different ways we react to either positive or negative changes that occur in our bodies. But they are certain cancer symptoms we need to watch out for before it is too late. Before we go on the symptoms, I'll like us to familiarize ourselves with some of the different types of cancers that can occur. We have;

1. basal cell carcinoma,

2. melanoma,

3. squamous cell carcinoma and many more

• Pelvic or abdominal discomfort

Irritation and cramping in the pelvis and abdomen mostly go hand in hand with the bloating of the stomach. This often signals ovarian cancer or leukemia. These two can result in severe abdominal pain often caused by a spleen that is swollen.

• Sudden Nipple changes

This is the most familiar modification women report before being diagnosed with breast cancer. This often comes with a nipple that begins to appear unwrapped, inverted, or turned sideways on either side.

• Rectal bleeding or blood in stool

This mostly happens when a person has colorectal cancer. Oh yes, blood in the stool alone is a reason why you should call or visit your doctor right away. Your doctor will order a colonoscopy( a type of scan for the colon) to determine what might be wrong with you.

• Frequent Upset stomach or bellyache

Another symptom for this same colorectal cancer is Stomach cramps or frequent runny stomachs may be an indication of colorectal cancer. A colonoscopy will help determine if that is the problem.

• Appearance of red hard sore, or swollen breast

These are some of the major symptoms of area cancer. You can ask all the women who have experienced breast cancer before and they will tell you. Mostly, these symptoms indicate the presence of inflammatory breast cancer.

Please call your doctor right away if you experience any of these symptoms. Don't waste time calling for help if you notice any unexplained changes in any of your breasts. Also, be watchful and check any skin color change and any odd-looking growths or spots on your body.

• Sudden Change in nail color

If you experience any unexplained changes in the fingernails, it can be a sign of numerous classifications of cancer. Excessive Pale or white nails can sometimes be a sign of liver cancer. A brown or black stripe or fleck under the nail can also indicate the presence of cancer in the skin(skin cancer). On the other hand, “clubbing” growth of the edges of the fingers with nails that are curved down over the edges is a sign of cancer of the lung.

• Unusually heavy or painful periods or bleeding between periods

It is not every day that heavy bleeding during periods is a sign of cancer although several women report this mostly as a sign of endometrial or uterine cancer. Your doctor will ask for a uterine ultrasound if he suspects something more serious than just a routine painful period.

• Unexplained weight loss Or Sudden loss of weight

With this, several conditions come into mind, But, mostly, unexplained weight loss can be an early sign of colon cancer. As well as other cancers that affect the digestive system.

This can also be a sign of cancer that circulates to the liver. When this happens, it affects your appetite and the proficiency of your body to get rid of wastes materials.

• Swelling or puffiness of facial features

Certain patients with lung cancer often recount puffiness, surging, or redness in the face. These swellings and puffiness are mostly caused by Small cell lung tumors that normally block blood vessels in the chest and deters blood from flowing freely from your head, face, and cheeks.

• Constant Pain in the back or lower right side of the body

After speaking with several cancer patients, they reported this was the first sign of liver cancer they experienced. When it comes to Breast cancer, it is also constantly diagnosed when there is back pain. This can occur when cancer spreads to the spine or ribs or when a breast tumor clasps backward into the chest.

These aren't the only signs, in my next post, I'll bring you some other symptoms you need to take note of before it is too late.

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Cancer Can Be Deadly


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