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Effects Of Gayism; How This Rich Gay Gentleman Ended Up Before His Demise Saddened People's Heart

My reason for this article is that I am deeply concerned by the overwhelming prominence of homosexuality in today's society. Present day society has been projecting this behavior as the norm and in some jurisdictions the liberal left has imposed it in the school system such that kids now believe it is normal behavior. It is believed there is nothing morally wrong with it because their concept of morality differs from other

How do one explain the prolific insurgency of homosexuality in today's society. Research done on this matter and hypotheses regarding the subject. The African is beginning to see the freedom in choosing is/her sexual orientation without any fear of discrimination or stigmatization. The African is learning to accept people's choices and preferences of sexual partners.

Politicians and leaders write into law issues they choose to be legal regarding Homosexuality, in order to gain support and likes from the population. Individuals in Africa are often arrested on the basis of conduct relating to their sexual orientation,even though their actions are not violating other laws. These arrests discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and violate the prohibitions against arbitrary arrests and unlawful attacks upon privacy, honour and reputation.

Well, a well known African gay publicly made known his preference for liking his fellow guys. Arnaud Paul was famous for being gay. He was in the business of gayism until he contracted cancer of the anus. The celebrated African homosexual died subsequently from this disease. Although homosexuality is a personal choice, this is one of its deadly effect.


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