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3 Pre-natal Disorders We Need to Know Affect Human Growth and Development

An Individual's growth and development is very important. It is natural, and asynchronous, since it operates differently within individuals. It commences or starts right after the fusion of the male and female sex cells to form a zygote. Growth and development occure systematically, from one stage to another.

In this article, we are going to learn the 3 possible pre-natal disorders or defects which negatively retard the growth and development of the victims.

It has been scientifically proven the maternal ages below 18 and above 35 increases the chances of producing infants with these deformities.

These defects do take place when a woman conceives. The sex cells, (Y or X sex cells) makes this possible. Please, do not forget to like, share and comment below for more articles, while you take your time to go through this educative one.

1. Down's syndrome or mongolism. This occures as a result of the presence of the mother's abnormal X cells with 24 chromosomes which fertilize the man's sex cells with the normal chromosomes of 23 summing up to 47 chromosomes. This unfortunately leads to this particular disorder since every normal child is suppose to be produced with 46 chromosomes. This deformity leads to mental retardation or deficiency, thick tongue and extra and stubby fingers. The above picture will help you understand more.

2. Turner's Syndrome (XO). This is another defect or chromosomal disorder which no doubt affects one's growth and development. It also occures as a result of the fertilization of the mother's abnormal and empty X cell with that of the father X cell. Due to this, the offspring has a genetic XO. Their females organs as a result of this do not grow or mature sexually. Since their ovaries are undeveloped, the become sterilized.

3. Klinefelter's Syndrome ( XXY). Klinefelter's syndrome results to the abnormal male sex cells (X and Y) fertilizing with the normal X cell of the woman. The offspring therefore has a genotype of combination of XXY instead of XX or XY. The victims by this disorder seem not develop muscles as to compare to their male counterparts. This condition may also result to psychopathic traits as well as criminal tendencies.

Please, I hope we have actually learnt something new in our lives, which we need to be serious and much aware of.

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