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Use Groundnut Water To Regain Your Womanhood. How To Prepare Effective Groundnut Water.

These is a natural remedy which is very healthy and very effective. These remedy help to tighten the vagina, remove yeast infections and also cleans up the womb. Try this recipe and thank me later.

All you need in the making of this recipe is Groundnut. It can be fresh, dry anyone preferred but I like the fresh ones.





1. Pick out the bad Groundnut from the good once and set aside.

2. Pour water into your source pan or pot.

3. Put it on heat and add your Groundnut to it.

4. Allow it to boil for 15 - 30 minutes.

5. Than string it and set the water aside. Allow it to cool down. Note don't waste the ground nut you can use it for Groundnut paste.

6. Your effective Groundnut Water is ready.

How to use the water effectively.

Drink one glass every morning. these helps in the washing of the womb and tighten of the vagina.

Dip in a cotton into the water and insert it in your Womanhood . this also helps to treat yeast infections quickly.

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Groundnut Groundnut Water


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