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Herbal remedies for glaucoma you need to know just in case you need them.

Glaucoma is a very severe disease that affects the optic nerve. The pressure inside the eye increase, destroying the nerve and leading to loss of vision and blindness. People above 65 years of age and people with diabetes are at the risk of developing this defect. This condition has no symptoms. Thus, people who suffer glaucoma do not aware until it is very advanced. Glaucoma has probably several causes. Certain medical scientists are of the opinion that; it is associated with poor nutrition, stress and high blood pressure. Also collagen deficiency is linked to glaucoma.

Herbal Remedies

1. Rutin is an extremely beneficial bioflavonoid that reduces pain and pressure inside the eye. Use 50 mg for 3 times per day.

2. Vitamin A and carotenoid are essential to keep healthy eyes and to enhance night vision.

3. Eat spinach and take Lutein or spinach extract because they have carotenoid essential for retina and eye tissue and sometimes reverse several eye conditions.

4. Eyebright herb in drops is tremendously fine for glaucoma. This herb can be used internally and is much more effective and safer than synthetic eye drops.

5. Use Ginkgo Biloba because it enhances the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the eye tissues and it eliminates toxins. It is should be blended with zinc sulfate to slow down gradual loss of vision.

6. Cayenne is an anti inflammatory herb that appropriate for the mucus membranes. It should be used in little small quantities, mixed well with water or in eye drop form. It enhances blood flow to the eye.

7. Take Vitamin E. It ejects particles from the lens of eye.

8. Bilberry strengthens and protects blood vessels. It also protects the retina, reduces pressure in glaucoma and can stop the growth of cataracts.

9. Coleus should be dropped directly into the eye to speed up the flow of blood in the eye and reduces intraocular pressure.

10. Take Fennel. It is a very good herb for vision conditions. Each time snakes shed their skin they are momentarily become blinded; they consume fennel to reinstate their sight back. It can be consumed raw or prepare as a tea and the tea can be applied as an eyewash.

11. Jaborandi is an herb that found in the rainforest. It has been used to treatment glaucoma in patients for more than 120 years. The presence of pilocarpine makes an indispensible herb for treating glaucoma.

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