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Balance Diet? Why is it important to us.

What is balance diet?

A balanced diet is a diet that contains differing kinds of foods in certain quantities and proportions so that the requirement for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins and alternative nutrients is adequate and a small provision is reserved for additional nutrients to endure the short length of leanness.


What constitute balance diet?These are the six main nutrients;







What are the Benefits of a Balanced Diet?

 Prevents diseases and infections.

 Helps you control your weight.

 Improves your mental health.

 Good for growth.

 Better skin and hair.

Way to find balance in your diet

Get excited about nutrition.

Look to eat plant-based foods

Know the difference between being hungry and thirsty.

Keep a meal log for a few days to see your trends

 It's all about the greens and beans. ...

Incorporate healthy fats. ...

 Front-load your energy with breakfast. ...

 Read your labels

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