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Accra is congested: The hot debate is on…moving the capital of Ghana to another region.

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Currently, the have been calls and discussions around moving of the capital of Ghana; from Accra to a different region to help ease the congestion in Accra city.

Many health studies have proved that people… especially children living in poor or overcrowded conditions are more likely to develop respiratory problems, to be at risk of infections, and have mental health problems. Areas with poor Housing condition or overcrowded communities also threaten children's safety; and this is the situation in Accra the capital city of Ghana.

Accra, since becoming the Capital city of Ghana has become very crowded with both humans and vehicles. In recent times, there have been calls from some notable Ghanaians on the government to consider relocating the capital of Ghana from Accra, to a different region because of congestion in the city of Accra.

Accra is too full or extremely over crowded with traffic and people from all walks of life, especially from the rural areas of the country and other West African countries. Some studies have shown that about 45% of Accra residents live in some form of slum housing. These areas are overcrowded, have limited access to piped water and poor sanitation facilities. 

Also, there is an urgent need for the relocating of Ghana’s capital to a different region, because the overcrowding state in Accra can lead to increased risk of infection, as the number of potential transmitters is increased. The result is that children and adults living in crowded conditions get more infections and more severe infections.

Again, another important reason why the Capital city of Ghana needs to be relocated is the serious consequence of overcrowding… which is the increased crime rate; as people living in damped conditions in Accra, are often desperate to improve their situations and often take the path of crime.

Considering these problems in Accra, I think the capital city of Ghana, need to be moved to a lesser populated area, whiles still maintaining Accra as the Commercial city of Ghana. 

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