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We can Equally Cure Covid-19 - Association of Herbal Practitioners.

The Chief Executive Officer [CEO] for Profecy Scientific Herbal Clinic in the Ashanti region, Noble Dr. Mensah-Bonsu Elijah has rebuffed the government for holding only scientists to develop covid-19 vaccines.

He stated that, so significant as scientists have been allowed the node to provide the covid-19, the same way should the authority issue such conveniences to the herbalists.

In an account with the press, he berates the Food and Drugs Authority [FDA] and the Ministry of Health [MoH] for owning too long on to the permit of the remedies they submitted.

‘‘This is cruel practice, we have herbal doctors in the society who can yield the doses, we alone require relief and endorsements, it will be unfair if the bureau offers the node to the orthodox groups to develop the vaccines whilst rejecting we the herbal practitioners’’, he expounded.

‘‘I am praying to the President to review its resolution, we gave about eleven drugs to the FDA for some moments now with no feedback, alone to hear the government has signaled that, chemists should lead on and do research to supply the antibodies, we crave the regime to perceive that, we can likewise provide the vaccines’'.

The overall best herbal practitioner for the year 2021 narrated that,herbalists can again form the dose, unlike the experts.

‘‘Herbal industry still require subsidy to develop the dopes, not everybody prefer the herbal drug likewise the alternative, the government should then aid us, we can also do the stimulants, we once have some herbal practitioners making the remedies just that it gets not been established by the FDA’’, he echoed.

Dr. Elijah was of the legitimate notice that the MoH and the FDA must respond expeditiously to allow the prescriptions presented by the herbal industry.

‘‘I require to the demand of the FDA to function promptly to ratify the drugs acted by the herbal doctors, I firmly believe those vaccines presented can be effective’’, he esteemed.

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