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If your Liver is in Danger, your Body will Show you These 7 Signs!

Your liver is a very important part of your digestive system. It secretes bile( for the emulsification of fats), it flushes out toxins from the body, it stores glucose and produces proteins for the clotting of blood among a bunch of other things.

It is also a forgiving organ that can regenerate its cells up to a point. But continuous damage to the liver cannot be left unpunished. Damage to the liver cannot lead to inflammation, cirrhosis and a lot of other unmentionable ones. These ilnesses can cause the liver to shrink or harden thereby stopping it from carrying out it's normal functions.

What Causes Damage to the liver?

A lot of things can damage the human liver. High consumption of alcohol, diets very high in fat and viral infections like hepatitis can damage your liver.

How do I Know if my Liver is Struggling?

1. Nausea: Even though this is a common symptom for many illnesses, it's one of the symptoms of a damaged liver.

2. Pale Stools: your faeces are normally dark in colour because of the bile that the Liver secretes. If you stool turns pale all of a sudden, it can mean your liver is in danger and you need to see a doctor.

3. Fatigue: Many doctors are not exactly sure how liver damage causes tiredness, but it's a symptom.

4. Yellow eyes( Jaundice): Jaundice is caused by the accumulation of bilirubin ( a bile pigment in the blood). The skin can also be itchy for the same reason.

5. Bruising Easily: if you figure out that any small scratch on your skin leads to injury, it might be due to liver failure as it won't be able to produce clotting factors.

6. Dark urine: Urine that is a very dark orange can be as a result of a damaged liver. This dark urine is as a result of bilirubin building up because the liver can't break it down.

7. Swollen stomach( ascites): This usually happens because fluids are retained in the abdomen. The legs and ankles may also become swollen.

If you have up to 3 of these symptoms, please see your doctor immediately as this is not a joke. It can lead to death and your life is important. Like , share and follow me for more.

Thanks for reading!!

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