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How to handle an emergency

Many Emergencies can occur in our home ,workplace etc.Depending on factors,such as the work being performed ,workplace setup and geographical area that one is located .

These will impact what kind of emergencies could occur.Some common types of emergencies that i want consider.

Medical emergencies such as heart attack or stroke,Electrical shocks , Fires.

Emergency Respons

Every type of emergency will have a different response ,and even the same types of emergencies may have completely different responses depending on the situation .

Some things to consider when there is an emergency at the workplace,

1.Before you help a victim of an incident or before assisting inan emergency ,always ensure it is safe for you to do so.Sometimes the best plan is to just get to safety .

2.Do not overreact .Rushing or making poor choices when dealing with an emergency can result in more victim or create a worse situation in general.

3. Know where emergency response equipment such as the first aid kits and fire extinguishers is located and how to use it.

4.Know the signs and symptoms of common medical emergencies or medical emergencies that can occur in your workplace.Knowing what to look for can make the difference in whether someone gets the medical attention they need or not .

Most often ,bad situations are made worse when individuals are ill-prepared for the bad things to that can happen whether that is at work or home.

Below are the Emergency numbers,

Police -112,191,18555

Fire -112,192

Ambulance - 112,193

Please do not call when the is no emergency 

when caught you will be punished.

Thank you for reading.

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