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How To Cure Piles Successfully With Herbal Treatment

Piles There are 2 types of hemorrhoids. Outer and Inner. The anus is an external hemorrhoid and is itchy, irritated, and sometimes burning. It is very difficult to walk and defecate at that time. This condition lasts for a week and usually subsides. But it appears again. The internal aorta bleeds and the blood comes out through the fins. The first condition is very painful. Swelling comes out during the toilet. Bleeding occurs as a result. After being fine for a few days, the bleeding suddenly started again. If the disease is old, there is no burning pain. But only bleeding. As a result, the patient becomes anemic. Difficulty breathing. The Chest starts pounding.

Herbal treatment of piles.

Piles has a lump. No bleeding. Then take 3-4 drops of neem seeds in water in the morning and afternoon and the acne will disappear.

Mix 3-4 teaspoons of beetroot juice with warm milk and consume it for a few days to stop hemorrhoid bleeding.

If bleeding is high in hemorrhoids, 1 teaspoon of onion juice mixed with water and consumed regularly will slowly stop the bleeding.

For those who have external hemorrhoids, if they put the powder of Akanda leaves on fire and apply that smoke, within a few days the scars will disappear, and sometimes they will fall off.

Consuming the juice of Apang tree and burning the dried Apang tree after consuming 1 gram twice a day after consuming the ash twice a day will give infallible results.

Boiling 20-25 grams of red beetroot and mixing it with a little ghee and salt gives special benefits to Piles.

It is better to eat a little more vegetables. A lot of water should be consumed. Do not hold back bowel movements. Avoid junk food as much as possible. It is good to eat papaya, ripe banana, orange, cucumber, etc.

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